[hcm] công ty công nghệ tiktok việt nam tuyển dụng livestream Operations intern full-time 2023

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Việc làm [HCM] Công Ty Công Nghệ TikTok Việt Nam Tuyển Dụng Livestream Operations Intern Full-time 2023 là tin tuyển dụng của Công Ty Công Nghệ TikTok tại Hồ Chí Minh
We are looking for passionate and talented people to join the LIVE Operations team and support in our mission to inspire creativity and bring joy. The LIVE Operations team is obsessed with everything to do with TikTok LIVE. From content strategy, monetization, gifting, LIVE features, data analysis, creating campaigns and ensuring a fun and safe space for all of our LIVE users. Responsibilities: 1. Support translating user stories and business requirements into effective designs and videos following the brand identity style guide. 2. Provide high-standard translations of written materials 3. Participate in user research and interaction studies to understand customer needs, motivations, and behaviors and translate them into actionable deliverables 4. Collaborate and work closely with internal & external teams to align campaign materials (Eg. Creative Idea, key message, tagline, key visual brief...) and provide assistance for a variety of projects 5. Ensure daily workflow tasks are completed within designated timelines. Qualifications 1. Be able to work at least 4 days a week for at least 3 months. 2. Native proficiency (or equivalent) in Vietnamese and able to use English as a working language. 3. Strong ability and passion for designing and video making. 4. Good understanding of trending topics & social content products, hunger for ideas, and can-do attitude. 5. Is a multi-tasker and demonstrates the ability to take initiative and collaborate effectively in a team setting. 6. Ability to take direction and absorb information quickly. APPLY HERE
Công Ty Công Nghệ TikTok
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